Key West Glass Bottom Boat

Enjoy Key West’s Barrier Reef From A Glass Bottom Boat

Article: One of the chief diving attractions in the Florida Keys is the Great Florida Reef, the only live barrier reef in North America. This extensive coral reef system stretches from near Soldier Key to the Marquesas Keys and is home to hundreds and hundreds species of undersea creatures and plants , not to mention, dozens of species of coral and other invertebrates. But what if you don’t know how to dive or snorkel? You’ll be glad to know that the Florida Barrier Reef is accessible to the whole family, even non-swimmers, via a comfortable glass bottom boat tour. Your tours are on catamarans that are designed with a twin hull, creating the boat far more stable. the look prevents the boat from rocking much in rough waves, unlike boats with standard designs. This makes for a safer, more relaxing trip. The tour lasts for 2 hours. The boats are air-conditioned with huge windows to expertise the view. A sundeck, snack bar, and restrooms are aboard the boat. For your convenience, you'll be able to book your boat tour on-line before your trip. Try a travel agency like to help find the right departure time for you. Key West glass bottom boat tours enable guests to look at over three hundred species of fish that are unique to the keys, and also the colourful coral reef and amazing seascape. during the tour, the captain and crew will offer you with fascinating facts regarding the marine life and eco-system. The boat is intended with special glass windows built-in, that permit guests to look at the coral reef whereas enjoying the gorgeous views of the Key West waters. Once you reach the coral reef, the boat can stay in place whereas guests have the chance to look at the reef and its creatures from the boat. When you reserve Key West glass bottom boat tours, you have got the choice of the boat tour, or a ship tour that includes a snorkeling expertise. If you haven't been snorkeling before, this can be a once-in-a-lifetime likelihood to examine a number of the foremost unusual sea life in the world. you may not solely see tropical fish. you will be lucky enough to appreciate sting rays, ocean turtles, and even bottle-nose dolphins. make certain to bring a camera so you can photograph the amazing creatures and the colorful coral reef. you may schedule your boat tour at any of 3 convenient times, therefore you'll be able to match it into your schedule. this is a great trip for adults and kids. For any child in your party under the age of 5, the trip is free of charge.

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